Friday, March 21, 2014

She & Me: Meta edition

Things are getting interesting. The kid is getting smarter. This time she wanted me to draw her drawing as she was drawing it. And chastised me if I fell behind. Or used the wrong colour. And just to make things more interesting, I had to keep up with the complex story that went along with her project.

She: This is a big city and right beside it is the grass and the hot sand. It's very, VERY super hot and you'll burn yourself. You can walk through the hot sand to the foot washer and wash your foot and your hands and your self. The pink is a dryer. You break your feet off and put them in the dryer, then you put them back on.
Me: Wait. You break your feet off?
She: [gives me a moment to consider my own ridiculous and obviously ignorant question before answering slowly] Yes. You BREAK YOUR FEET OFF. Then you PUT THEM BACK ON.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Crackers and Cheese

While Little took a nap, Big and I had our usual art/snack time and I got a drawing done for the KW Urban Sketchers March sketch challenge "Sketch Your Lunch". She likes to control the art supplies and I gladly let her. It's a win win situation: she gets a switch from someone telling *her* what to do and I get a different drawing challenge every time. Today I was allowed a pencil, a grey marker and some blue washi tape. I snuck in a white Sakura gel pen while she was out of the room.